September 15, 2012

[SPANISH] basic grammar – subject pronoun, present tense verb conjugation, articles, etc…


F: formal
R: regular (verb)
IR: irregular (verb)
m: masculine
f: feminine

(1) Subject pronoun and present tense verb conjugation

**subject pronouns and present tense verb conjugation rule
**Usted, Ustedes: formal form of you (singular) and you (plural)

sub +
ser (to be)
-ar verb
hablar (to speak)
-er verb
comer (to eat)
-ir verb
escribir (to write)
IR verb
(to go)
I yo + soy (I am) -o
you tú + eres -as
he, she, you(F) él, ella, Usted + es -a
We nosotros/as + somos -amos
You vosotros/as + sois -áis
They, you (F) ellos/ellas, Ustedes + son -an

-some more regular verbs:

  • hablar – to speak
  • trabajar – to work
  • necesitar – to need
  • querer – to want
  • comer – to eat
  • beber – to drink
  • cocinar – to cook
  • leer – to read
  • escribir – to write
  • ===> more verbs:

(2) Definite article (the)

Male (m)

Female (f)
the el/los la/las
un/unos una/unas

(3) Some nouns

I try to group the nouns.

Male nouns
(the …)
Female nouns
(the …)

some notes

el día (day) la noche (night)
el diario (newspaper) la tarde (afternoon)
el libro (book) la carta (letter)
el arroz (rice) la pasta (pasta)
el queso (cheese) la leche (milk)
el jugo (juice)
el vino (wine) la cerveza (beer)
el tomate (tomato) la papa (potato)
el desayuno (breakfast) la cena (dinner)
el almuerzo (lunch) la pimienta (pepper)
el azúcar (sugar) la sal (salt)

(4) Reference:

(5) to lighten up the mood

let’s see how Peggy Hill defends herself in court in Spanish

July 27, 2011

[Home Improvement] Grout project preview

Preview BEFORE and AFTER photos of my grout renewal project  :)

I have not applied new grout yet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

July 25, 2011

[Home Improvement] 2011-07 (shelves, vacuum, toolkit, etc)

I got more stuff from Home Depot past couple of weeks.

$18.74 – Perfect Home Commercial Grade Decorative Wire 3-Shelf Zinc finish Shelving Storage Unit

This easy to assemble 3-tier shelf kit can provide storage space for any room and purpose including commercial, industrial and residential use. The shelving unit is made of tubular steel and wires coated with a durable finish. All shelf heights can be easily adjusted, and assembly of the shelving unit can be done without using any tools. Adjustable shelves hold up to 250 lbs. Each evenly distributed and has a total unit weight capacity 750 lbs.

    • Durable zinc finish
    • NSF certified for food storage
    • Heavy-duty unit capacity 750 lbs.
    • No tools required
    • MFG Brand Name : Perfect Home
    • MFG Model # : 3T25142430Z
    • MFG Part # : 3T25142430Z
    • Savings Center : New Lower Prices


    • Assembled Depth (in.) : 14 in
    • Assembled Height (in.) : 30 in
    • Assembled Width (in.) : 24 in
    • Item Weight : 13.82 lb

$49.96 – Dirt Devil Breeze Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Clean carpet and hard floors with the Dirt Devil Breeze Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, which features automatic height adjustment for different surfaces. MicroFresh filtration traps dust and allergens, and the see-through dirt container requires no troublesome bags. The lightweight design makes the vacuum maneuverable and easy to carry, and the hose and onboard tools help you clean hard-to-reach areas.
    • 12 amp motor delivers strong suction
    • See-through dirt container with bagless technology requires no troublesome bags
    • 13 in. cleaning path helps you quickly vacuum large patches of carpet
    • 25 ft. cord offers a long reach for cleaning multiple rooms
    • Automatic height adjustment efficiently cleans carpet and hard floors
    • MicroFresh filtration traps dust and allergens
    • Lightweight design makes the vacuum maneuverable and easy to carry
    • Hose and onboard tools for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
    • MFG Brand Name : Dirt Devil
    • MFG Model # : M088160RED
    • MFG Part # : M088160RED
    • Amperage (amps) : 12 A
    • Assembled Depth (in.) : 13 in
    • Assembled Height (in.) : 43 in
    • Assembled Width (in.) : 13 in
    • Assembly Required : Yes
    • Bag Change/Receptacle Full Indicator : No
    • Carpet Height Adjustments : No
    • Cleaning Range with Tools(ft.) : 7
    • Color Family : Reds / Pinks
    • Cord Length (ft.) : 25
    • Depth (in) : 11.5 in
    • Dust Compression System : No
    • ETL Safety Listed : Yes
    • Filter Type : Cartridge
    • Headlights : Yes
    • Height (in) : 22.5 in
    • Item Package Type : Cardboard Container
    • Item Weight : 13.15 lb
    • Manufacturer Warranty : 2 years
    • Number of Attachments : 3
    • Number of Filters : 1
    • Pet Attachment : No
    • Product Depth (in.) : 13
    • Product Height (in.) : 43
    • Product Weight (lb.) : 13.15
    • Product Width (in.) : 13 in
    • Reconditioned : No
    • Retractable Cord : No
    • Returnable : 90-Day
    • Surface Type : All Floor Types
    • Voltage (volts) : 120 V
    • Width (in) : 14.0 in

Iron Bridge Workforce Household Tool Kit 42 Piece

The Workforce 42-Piece Household Tool Kit comes in a convenient carrying case for easy storage. This tool set is an ideal accessory for jobs around the home or office.

    • Includes a tape measure, scissors, hammer, utility knife, fastener pack, screwdriver with 20 bits, precision screwdriver set, bit extender, slip-joint pliers and a hex key set
    • Ideal for various jobs around the home or office
    • Stores easily
    • Includes carrying case
    • MFG Brand Name : Iron Bridge
    • MFG Model # : 007-46
    • MFG Part # : 007-46
July 23, 2011

[Home Improvement] 2010-07 – re-installing our sink

Our bahtroom sink has been there for as long as we’ve been living here.  I have no memory of  how I felt about our bathroom when we first moved in.  I just know I am really bothered by it now…  I think my dad used joint compound to patch up the cracks, which is the completely wrong material to use… so I will try make it right tomorrow and keep the cost under $20 (the caulk and caulk gun only cost $6 each and I don’t see if I will need anything more.  Maybe I will get some “plumber tape,”  colorful onces  :)

So on Sunday July 23, 2011, I think I will do the following things:

  • wait for the cable guy to come and fix our 2Mbps Download and ZERO Mbps Upload internet!!!
  • go to home depot and buy the stuff that I wanted to buy today
  • clean up our current sink/counter top (and what’s inside?)
  • clean everything
  • patch it back up in the same day
  • laundry
  • tidy up my room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That’s it!  I thought I have got the right materials (and I did) but felt a last minute panic before actually doing the job, so I looked it up on youtube  :)   It seems easy enough.    Maybe I will post some pics…

Part 1

Part 2


July 23, 2011

[Home Improvement] (sealing & grout)

This post is dedicated to Greg, and everyone else who is interested in my home improvement projects, especially those who WANT TO HELP!  I might or might not post BEFORE and AFTER pics because our place is too horrible   :( :( :(   Here it goes:

Today was (40C) 108F, I went to Home Depot @ 59th Street & 3rd Avenue as soon as I could get out of work.  I wanted to get an mounting bracket for our AC.  The store was really big!!!  But there were not enough staff, and when I ask someone something, they would tell me, “I don’t know, I only specialize _____”  There is only one person responsible in 1 big department, but each department has about 5-10 customers where 1-3 of us would have SOME questions… I would have really a professional to answer my questions.   Anyway, I managed to get the following items, and completely forgot to find the AC mount –I’m using this metal box we’ve been using for the past few years tonight.  It’s way too hot, we NEED AC tonight.

I bought a few things from Home Depot,  (1) 3 of these storage boxes:

$6 – 12 Gal transparent storage boxes

(2) Workforce 60:25 Caulk Gun – $6

(3) Caulk sealing tube – $7

or sealing off the cracks of the bathroom sink $7.  If that works well, I think I will buy more seals because there are little cracks everywhere… The bottle says, for best results, use it above 40 degrees -> ->  (I JUST realized it meant 40+F as I’m typing this… when I was reading the instructions on the train, I thought, “HOW is that going to work??? well good thing it is 40C today, it will be perfect”.)  :)

(4) Stainless 3-in-1 tool for remove caulks, surfacing and smoothing caulk – $5

and (5) a bottle of degresaser (request from my mom) – $4.

I will go back tomorrow (to the Brooklyn one).  See my upcoming post about what I will buy.  I will bring my ikea bag…

April 28, 2011

[VIDEO] Olivia Munn – Tiger Mom

Another must watch

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April 22, 2011

[VIDEO] Conan: New Thor Movie Not What It Seems 04/20/11 #1082


The funnier video link is here:
Watch Episode 1082, on 4/20/11. Skip to 08:00

“Haiya” “Take this bitch!!!” “I Thor!!!” LOLLLL

These only episodes are online for 5 days probably–you should know the universal 5-episodes restrictions by now?


CLIP -> LINK 2: (less funny):

April 4, 2011

Pulling – Stolen Kebab (season 2 episode 4)


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